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About Us

"Sit back and relax while our yard specialists do the dirty work with lawn mowing, trimming and edging services."

Our history

  • A1 VIP Lawn Service, Inc. has been providing quality landscaping services to the Miami area since 1989. We are fully licensed and insured within the state of Florida. A beautiful garden can transform a property, improve your curb appeal and increase your property value. Our skilled and experienced technicians will provide a service that is tailored to the needs of your lawn. Call us today at 305 253 7087 for a FREE estimate to hear what we can do for you!

Sit back and relax while our yard specialists do the dirty work with lawn mowing, trimming and edging services.

Joshua R. Jones

President, A1 VIP Lawn Service, Inc.

Why us?

  • 1.

    We are a family-owned business, and take pride in our work. We provide exceptional lawn mowing, landscaping, fertilizing, sodding and tree trimming.

  • 2.

    Our goal is to provide guaranteed results from a reliable and professional lawn service providing a beautiful lawn at affordable prices.

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    Our mission is to regularly service your lawn so that you can spend your time enjoying your life with family and friends. Our number one goal is client satisfaction. We want to maintain your lawn forever. We want you to be so satisfied that you will refer us to your friends, family and neighbors.


Many people want a lawn their children can run barefoot on, they can have a comfortable picnic on, their dogs can lay in the shade on, or on which they can play games.

  • A healthy lawn increases soil stability through its root structure which reduces land erosion from wind and water.
  • Lawns cool the air.
  • Lawns act as natural filters taking up dust, pollutants, and particulates from the air and water.
  • Lawns help to reduce noise pollution.


  • Ongoing excellent, timely scheduled, prompt and efficient service. Thanks, A1!

    M. Suarez
  • Thanks to A1, I can enjoy my weekends with my friends and family. I no longer spend time sweating and toiling over my lawn!

    Alex G.